Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Queen for....

Well I shared a bit ago how Jeremy, with some help, pampered me with a massage and facial. I guess he was just warming up. We planned on an overnight excursion with no kids. I got the babysitting and he did the rest. I had no idea what was on the itinerary. He told me to get all dressed up in fancy schmancy clothes and be ready by 5:15pm. It was the first time in a while I actually felt beautiful. He surprised me by taking me to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. It was fabulous. It has raised the bar for steak by a mile. It is melt in your mouth delicious. Not to mention the sides and dessert...FANTABULOUS! Then we went to the movies and as I requested we saw Ghost Rider, staring Nicholas Cage. Yes it was a very dark movie but it had enough humor to keep it light. Anyways the ticket taker took Jeremy's ticket and said "Man, you are WAY to dressed up for this!" The movie was great, even though it didn't have a hint...well only a hint, of romance. As we left my directionally challenged husband asked me how to get on the freeway. I told him how to get back to Concord and jokingly I told him unless he was heading to Lafayette, completely kidding. He crossed two lanes to get to the turning lane and headed towards Lafayette. He got off at the first exit. We stayed at the Lafayette Park Hotel. It was amazing. It was a fancy hotel, that would fit perfectly in a quaint little town. Our room was gorgeous. There was a wonderful fireplace, that provided the most romantic glow in our room. It was so nice to have so much time with my hubby and get to talk about what ever we wanted and not be interrupted or sidetracked. The evening felt magical to me. The next morning we got up and lounged around. We had breakfast at Marie Calendars, did a little birthday shopping for Miranda's 6th birthday at our favorite store, Target. (A video in her honor will be on another post.) Then we got to see our baby at Prenatal Peek for the last time before we meet him or her in person. Surprisingly enough we still don't know the gender of our gorgeous baby. About 2:30pm on Saturday we returned home from the great date. It was so relaxing and wonderful.

Here are a few pictures...my only regret is we didn't take a picture the night before.

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