Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sound Clips of our lives....

You know how Bill Cosby always says "Kids say the darnedest things", well it's true. These are a few funny comments that were made in the last couple of weeks that are worth quoting.

Logan, who is all boy, continually is grabbing his area. Well whenever we notice we tell him to go potty. Half the time he goes potty, and the other time he stops grabbing. This particular time I told him to go potty and he turns to me and yells, well says in a frustrated tone "I don't have to go potty I just itching myself!"

As shown in a previous post, my good friend Hayley and I have pretty much gone through pregnancy together. Well Logan is fascinated with my ever impressive and growing belly. Logan always asks "Is your tummy going to grow bigger tonight?" But the most memorable comment was when he said "When is Hayley's tummy going to be as big as yours?" Unfortunately for me Hayley's will get smaller before mine since she will be delivering about three weeks or more before me.

Jeremy took Miranda on a few errands, one of which was the comic book store. Miranda happened to like a Wonder Woman action figure and Daddy gave in and got it for her. Here are a few comments that followed this trip. "Daddy why does Wonder Woman have those things that mommies have after they have babies" It is probably the first time that Jeremy wished I was there to field the question. Later Miranda says "Daddy we should open our own store" Daddy says "What will we sell?" Miranda "dot coms!" Daddy "dot coms?" Miranda "Yeah like,,, we can even sell" And the last quote of the trip: Miranda is really into her imaginary friends. They pulled up to Safeway and Miranda asks if her Super Hero friends can come too, of course Jeremy agrees. She then proceeds to tell him that she is a super hero too. Daddy "What are your super hero powers?" Miranda "I have two, one is singing and dancing, and the other is making people look pretty when they go on dates!"

Last one that I can think of at the moment: today Miranda grabs my face and says "Mommy even though you are getting old I still hope you are pretty!" I love these kids and the way they make me laugh. In all their innocence they really do say some funny things.

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