Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wow, what a trip...

Last Tuesday we received news that Jeremy's grandpa passed away. So Thursday we headed to Utah as a family. He was 98 years old and lead a great life. The drive was great, the kids were wonderful. Although I think the portable DVD player may get some credit! We stayed at a local hotel in Orem Utah. It had a full kitchen. I was worried I would actually have to cook and do dished, in the dishwasher of course. My hubby made sure that there was no cooking involved, except the frozen pizza we purchased the night before so we could keep the Sabbath.

On Friday we went and did a little touring of the area. We parked by Southridge where Jeremy and I lived while in Utah. We then hiked up the horendous hill on the south side of campus. It was fun to be back in the Provo area. That night we got together with the family. It was nice to be reacquainted with a few of the cousins I had met years ago, and meet a few brand new faces. I am sorry to say it has been over 8 years since we had seen this side of the family. I was blessed this summer to go to education week so I was able to see Grandpa Jacobs in August, unfortunately for Jeremy it had been a lot longer. Saturday we had the services in Orem then headed to Salt Lake where he was laid to rest along side his posterity. Although good-byes are sad, he led a long fulfilling life. We were happy to celebrate the life he had. And we also know this is not good-bye it is see-ya soon!

We then got to show the kids temple square and see the outside of the convention center. Much to our dismay it was the young Women's conference so we could not go inside.

On Sunday we went to church with Jeremy's Grandma Lee, Aunt LuJean, and Dad, Alan. The kids were great. It is a meeting in the rest home where she lives, so we literally had the only kids there and were by far the youngest people there, beside the guest vocalist and the Young Men who pass the sacrament. There was a short stint where Hannah kept repeating "Bahbee." Aunt LuJean leaned over to Jeremy and asked what she was saying. He translated it to be Barbie. All princesses are called Barbie in there world. We got to see the fish and birds. Grandpa Alan made a fast friend with Logan by giving him pennies. We had to get Logan to stop begging for money. Jeremy said it is hard to break that habit after he had been doing it during our street beggar days! And if Grandpa Alan couldn't get cooler he made Logan a paper airplane with the sacrament program. Miranda saw how cool it was and was lucky enough to get one too. We then went out to the pond and fed the ducks and took a few pictures. Logan and Miranda enjoyed getting to actually throw these cool planes that actually flew.

We later went to visit some friends from high school in Layton and Kaysville. It was so nice to see both families. Kevin and Kellie let us come even with there 6 day old son, who is so handsome. He definitely made me more excited to hold my own little one is 6 or so weeks. We then went to visit Stacey and Dave. In talking Jeremy found out that his cousin and Dave served as mission companions and were later roommates at BYU, being Mormon it is a small world! The kids loved being free to roam in both houses. They cried when we said we were leaving Utah.

We then returned to our hotel room and had dinner at the earliest yet this trip and were all in bed by 9:30 another early record. Our kids were sleep deprived, but as always we are proud that they behaved as well as they did, especially since the love being home.

Monday we drove home. It was pretty uneventful. Smooth sailing until we got to Reno for dinner. It was so windy. Then Jeremy pointed out the window and said those clouds don't look so good. He was right. If he had known what we were going to be driving through we would have stayed the night in Reno. My valiant husband drove over Donner Pass for about 1.5 hours at 30 miles per hour. It was scary. It snowed quite a bit in that time. I wish we had a video so you can see we are not as wimpy as it sounds, well maybe we are but it was still scary. There was no chain advisory when we started but about 20 minutes later there was. By the time we got to the other side, everyone was required to have chains. At one point were were driving slowly passed a semi-truck and it spit up so much dirty brown snow Jeremy had practically stopped until we could see again. He was pretty nervous but he did good. I tried to crack jokes to hide my nervousness, but I think it just annoyed him. The crazy thing is that we had just driven though there 3 days before and had a hard time seeing any snow, now we were in a winter wonderland where you couldn't even see the ground! We are wimpy Californians who don't get along well in the snow!

Here is a little video of our trip.

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