Saturday, March 10, 2007

Life is SOOOOOO good.

I am sitting here and I wanted to do a little video clip of my lovely, charming, darn near flawless family, ha-ha! And as I finished putting it together I was listening to the lyrics of the song. It is called just another day in paradise. And I truly feel that is my life. Yes the kids cry, whine, fight, complain, need...truth is so do I! But I also know that they laugh, say funny things, give the best hugs and kisses, etc. There was an object lesson that I read about, it had to do with going through trials in life. They said get ingredients to make cookies, keep them separate, and let everyone taste the ingredients. Some of them taste really bad, like the salt or baking soda, some taste really good like the brown sugar and chocolate chips, some may even make you sick like eating raw eggs. Then when you mix them all together you get scrumptious cookies. To get those cookies tasting so good you need to add some things that taste bad. That is the way it is with life too. You need some of the bad or hard times to make you really appreciate the good times, or even to relate when others around you are having a hard time. You may meet some one or know them and feel life is perfect or easy for them, everyone has their own trials and blessings, some are just more apparent then others. No matter how rough things are they can get worse so DON'T ASK!

On to a lighter note my kids and husband are my life they make me so proud, they make me want to be a better mother, wife, and person. I am so lucky to have them and that they love me flaws and all, because I feel the same about them! So this is my little video introduction. I hope you enjoy it, and it makes you think of all the good things in your life too!

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