Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday Madness!!!

Ok it isn't really madness, but a few people don't really get to se my girls in action. Here is video of a typical night. Dinner is done, Jeremy puts on music and does dishes. The music varies and tonight he chose Music of Pachelbel. And this is how the twins chose to accompany the music. Just in case you were wondering Logan and Miranda were in their bedrooms getting their jammies on at a turtle's pace.

Just a little sweet comment to share while I am here. Today Miranda was waiting patiently for lunch as I helped...I mean watched my sister create some onsies for a friend. She finally decided she wanted to make lunch for her and Logan. She made cheese sandwiches all by herself (not grilled cheese :-) Later I was cleaning up and thanked her. I was amazed that she was so independent.

Miranda: "I don;'t want you to have to do anything."
Me : "What? Why don't you want me to do anything?
Miranda: "Well because you are pregnant. Well actually you can do anything!"

I guess she has been listening to her daddy when he tells me not to do stuff because I am pregnant. It is nice to have my 6 year old daughter care enough about me to follow in her daddy's ways.

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