Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

Life changes, and that means traditions some times do as well. One of the things that I love about Jeremy's family is their love of games. During the holidays we would get together with his family and most of his cousins and eat and play games. It was always fun...then marriages happened which made the games more fun...then children happened which, well, made games impossible. Then more family moved, families got bigger (OK our family got bigger, just kidding it's not just us) and some got more busy and adding in-laws to the schedule we just don't get that time anymore. I thought it was time to get the cousins together, the ones that were local anyway.

It only worked out for three of us, but that equaled 11 kids. Jocelyn welcomed us into her home (it is beautiful and yes I do covet her kitchen!) It was amazing to see the kids hit it off and really enjoy each other. We tried to get a cute group shot on the slide but after about 7 cousins it got too heavy and gravity won.

So we opted for this shot instead. Isn't that the cutest group of kids. I think Jocelyn got one with Lauren mid fall, but she was a trooper and sat back up there for a few more shots. When asked what does mom look like when she is telling you to get ready for church we got this picture:

Then they all got to make a funny face:
It is amazing how you can't get them all to look at the camera at the same time but 9 out of 11 can stick their tongues out at the same time! It was a lot of fun. I can't wait until next time when more cousins can get together.

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