Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Black Friday Bargain!

Jeremy is the crazy one in our house that goes out early. We discovered that a few of our favorite stores opened at midnight, so Jeremy went out and finally came home around 6:00am. I can tell you I was very ecstatic that it wasn't me, especially when the kids woke up promptly at 7:00am. I tried to let him sleep in a little but it is nigh on impossible with the kidlets!

After my nice long, comfortable night I awoke almost refreshed (just trying to rub it in for Jeremy) I lounged around and decided that I really wanted a pair of knee high black boots regularly $50 on sale for $24.99. I was also in great need of new running shoes (so I can at least look sporty). They were on sale for $30 regularly $65 and up. I got to Sears at around 9:00am not really expecting to find anything in my size, especially since what I wanted was pictured in the add. Sure enough I found a nice pair of Asics in size 7.5! perfect. They weren't the cutest but hey it's not always about fashion! It took me a couple of days to try them on, but when I did, I looked at them, they were huge compared to my old, hole in the big toe, petite shoe! I checked the size and it was the correct size. I looked over the box and it said the right size. Then upon further inspection I noticed underneath a sticker it said MEN'S. I found them in the women's section. How was I supposed to know the were men's other than they were not cute. So my good deal became an alright deal...until I went back today. I was able to find a cute pair of girls Asics. So it worked out better than I thought, because there were no other options on Black Friday. So I got the same great price with more of a selection. Perfect.
And strictly for eye candy (haha) these are the boots. Jeremy thinks I will probably kill myself walking in them, he is probably right, but at least I will look good doing it!

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The State of Our Family said...

SWEET! I love my black boots, but it will be a while before I wear them again...they just don't scream Fiji, you know?

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