Thursday, December 17, 2009

Why am I more.

I am surrounded by a great group of ladies who are typically willing and available to succumb to my latest whim or party planning idea. The latest and greatest was a Secret Santa on Speed (like fast forward not the drug, that are BAD!) Instead of spreading it out the whole month, it was in one week. Each lady received three tasks. The first was to drop off a note, the second a homemade gift (craft or treat) and the last was a $5.00 gift limit or ornament to be exchanged at the party.
I was late getting the card in the mail (postmarked by the due date though). The next was a cute Black Apple Doll and a frame. My secret victim is a huge Disney fan, by marriage or nature I am not sure but none the less she is. So I made the doll and put a Mickey hat on it. The frame was decoupaged with Disney embellishments. We dropped it off on the due date Tuesday night. When I got home Wednesday I checked my email and there was a message saying that my "victim" didn't receive anything. I knew I delivered it! I assumed someone stole it. My hope was that there would be a little girl who needed a doll that would get it. It wasn't is a secure place but they were home so I knocked and ran. That was frustrating to work so hard on something then it be stolen or even worse to have some one think you are a flake, but not being able to defend yourself for fear of ruining the surprise.
So today I made a second doll and bought stuff to replace the frame. When she showed up tonight she told me that she got it this morning. I told her that I really did knock, what I thought was, really loud and ran. She said usually it is the screen door that they hear more than the knocking. I said screen door, you don't have a screen door. Turns out I knocked on the wrong door and apparently their neighbors are not Disney fans and amazingly enough she got it back (or actually for the first time). So now she has twin dolls. As always the first doll was, well the first. So the second had some good improvements.

Needless to say I was a schmuck but it turned out good in the end and the frustration was all my fault.
On another note, my secret Santa rocks! I got a new Scentsy Holiday Collection, Plug-in Warmer. As well as two scent melts. There is a funny story about this. She called me to ask what I like better "Snowman" or "Holly". Tough question...and random. I answered her with "Snowman." She said OK so when I opened it up and saw the two scents I realized she said cinnamon or holly, and she was asking which scent I like better. See why I don't like the phone? I usually don't confuse words I see, but often confuse words I hear! She was probably as confused by my random Snowman answer.
So thank you Catherine for spoiling me. You were a perfect "Secret" Santa. And to my victim, I usually am more on top of things, I am sorry for the confusion but am grateful that you got your gift.

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