Saturday, December 12, 2009

Date night...

Jeremy told me I could go see New Moon with my girlfriends, and he would see it with me later. I am glad I got to see it with the girls first. I got to pretend like I was a teeney bopper and whoot silently at the nice looking werewolves. So we had made plans to see it last week but the times didn't quite match up with our schedule. We were able to secure babysitting for tonight. Jeremy's mom, who just got back from Disneyland (totally jealous) and thrown into parent/teacher conferences this week, was willing. I know if that wasn't blessing enough!

We went shopping and finished up everything...I think!...for our kids. Then off to the movie. As we were waiting I kissed Jeremy on the cheek, it was very respectful! ; ) It reminded me of Jeremy and I's first date, the second time. He walked me to the door of my apartment after going to Scandia with some other high school friends. I am not sure if it was actually a date or just a bunch of friends getting together, but those small details don't matter (12/4/98). We got to the door and he of course told me he had a great time (well I am sure he did say that!?), and before walking away he kissed me on the cheek. This may sound cheesy but it thrilled me. Here was this great guy who I knew was a dream come true. What was so awesome about this kiss was that it made me realize what it felt like to be respected by some one. It was sweet, yet told me he cared, but didn't want things to move too fast. Mind you we had known each other for almost 10 years. I am sure if during the next month we hadn't spent every available minute together I would have thought that to be the lamest thing ever, even the kiss of mortification!

So tonight when I leaned over and kissed his cheek. I was reminded that I married a man, who to this day, still respects me and loves me. He even loves me enough to see a movie that he wouldn't be caught dead watching with out me. I love him so much and am proud to be married to him ALWAYS!

I hope my children can see the respect that we have for each other and have a strong desire to duplicate it in 50+ years when I allow them to date. More importantly I hope that each of them has enough respect for them selves to demand to be treated that way. I am so very blessed to know this and know that my kids will benefit from the relationship between Jeremy and I. I know that the celebration of Thanksgiving is over but boy am I grateful for this reminder!

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