Friday, December 18, 2009

Musings from the children

As I mentioned before we did lots of cookie plates (usually Jeremy reigns me in to about 10). I made all the treats in the previous post. I got the plates out and the kids helped me make sure all the treats were put on all the plates, while I cut up the bars and handed it to them. Then they helped put the wrap over the top. Jeremy got home after that was all done. I was feeding Jackson while the kids taped the tags that I printed, cut up and put adhesive on the back. Logan than says:

"Mom didn't do anything, we did it all while she was sitting there being lazy!"

I am glad I have a sense of humor or I would almost be offended by that.

Today as I was doing stuff I was listening in on Haylie and Hannah who were playing with the Nativity set.

I was torn between finding it funny and wondering if it was inappropriate play. I hear the girls talking about Mary. Then I hear them yelling at Mary to run and take baby Jesus before the monsters get him. The next little play situation was talking about packing their clothes so they could spend the night at Mary's house. Later Joseph made an appearance but it wasn't funny enough to remember. This is probably a silly memory but I can't wait to tell them about this years from now!


Taylors said...

that is hilarious!!

Gie Bergmill said...

You are superwoman!

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