Saturday, December 05, 2009

Got Cake?

I have been wanting to take a cake decorating class for some time. I was able to convince a friend to take it with me. It was lots of fun and I have learned a lot. Here is the progression of my skillz! This first cake was about a year ago to celebrate Jeremy finishing a class.
This next one was my first day in class. It was learning to use the star tip, and transferring images. It is not perfect but I am pretty impressed. This is fairly simple to do.

This was probably my least favorite, I really wasn't motivated as you can tell by at all the blank space. Come to think of it dots would have probably been perfect, or maybe confetti.
And the grand finally, the Wilton Rose. Although I have many techniques to perfect, I learned a lot and am excited since I practically get to do a cake a month in my family alone.
It kind of looks wedding-ish so I put "Muah" on it. Since it is not for a purpose I can be a little goofy that way. The people in my class don't get me. Half the people were unaware of who Transformers are, the second well, look at the picture, and the third they said Muah, as in more? I had to clarify by puckering up and making a kissing sound. It was a kiss for Jeremy who has done the "single dad" thing for the last 4 of five Friday nights. So thanks for letting me take the class. I look forward to making lots of fun and beautiful cakes in the future.


Jen said...

They look great April! Good for you!

The State of Our Family said...

Muah right back at you, Babe! :) Great job!

Beej said...

Muah is great. Your family "gets" you!!

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