Saturday, November 28, 2009

A couple funnies

There is always a funny or two to report. The first one is by my dear sweet Haylie. We had just watched something about Christmas then sat down for dinner where she was asked to say our dinner prayer. Amongst other things she said in her little sometimes still difficult to understand voice "We are thankful for Jesus" proud mommy moment followed promptly by "that he can come down the chimney and leave presents under the tree." At that I snickered as well as Miranda and Hannah, which resulted in a very upset and tearful Haylie. Poor girl, I apologized and gave her big hugs, then made her laugh through the alligator tears. I guess we are not doing as well in the whole separating Jesus and Santa area.

And going sort of along those lines...As kids we loved going through catalogs and finding the things that we wanted. In order to prepare for Black Friday, I had to get the list ready for Jeremy who planned on leaving at 11:30pm on Thursday, I let the kids look through the Thanksgiving day ads. I encouraged them to circle things they liked or were interested in. There were some good ideas, some that were laughable. Such as Hannah wanted some sort of Pokemon tube thing. The funniest I found was flipping through the Macy's ad. I was looking for good ideas and looked down and saw on the women's page an item that was circled. It was a nice fuzzy pair of green slippers, they did indeed look warm and comfortable. When I looked to see which of my girls circled it, I was entertainingly surprised to see it was Logan! If that wasn't funny enough I continued to flip and came to the jewelry page where to big circles appeared.

Clear as day it had Haylie's name in the circles. I showed Jeremy as I continued to chuckle, to which he responded "Boy, I sure hope she's not disappointed!" These kids!


The State of Our Family said...

Cute stories! Your kids crack me up!

Rebecca & Jeff said...

So funny!! I cant wait until we start having some of these.

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