Friday, April 20, 2007

My Life as a Horror Flick

Life is great right?! Lucky for me my brave little, well younger, taller, sister was here to save me. We had been having a nice and enjoyable conversation. I just laid all FOUR kids down for quiet time. This is the time that I fix myself lunch so they don't hover and beg for whatever I am having, even though they have already eaten. So I get things out and my sister noticed a bee in the house. Kind of weird but bugs get in, it happens. She frees the bee and we go about our business. As always I got a little distracted and decided to check my email before continuing on my pilgrimage in the kitchen. As I am pulling up the ever coveted Outlook I here this swarm of buzzing coming from the fire place next to me. Eight months pregnant and can't hurry fast enough to the bathroom, but I was across the room quicker than The Flash! Another bee flew out of the fireplace safely into the blinds where it stayed for the rest of its life. My cool headed sister said lets tape something up and seal the fireplace. So of course I have to call my knight in shining armour, who by the way is having a crazy/busy day. He says he is on his way home. In the meantime, Katie and I get a garbage bag and I am dancing around the living room as she tapes up the fireplace. I had to venture close every once in a while to cut the duct tape, but quickly get back across the room. The trapped bee would buzz so loud just to let us know it was getting ticked off and that we are not fun to be around. The top got taped up fine then as she was taping the left side a third bee flew out. She fell to the ground like she was avoiding stray bullets and I hid behind the couch. The tape landed where it may and she continued diligently taping away. During mid-taping, the third bee stopped flying around so I made her whack the bee with a poor princess coloring will never be looked at the same way. As she is finished, Jeremy walks in and I tell him where the bees are , the dead one that Katie knocked off still lying on the floor and the ticked one in the window. So Jeremy decides it might be best to raise the blinds. He then proceeds to swat at the bee with the coloring book at least 12 times. As I am telling him don't kill the bee I want it on video for my blog. There was no stopping him this bee was going down. There is no video proof I apologize! Sure enough the bee has been exterminated. I kept peeking outside and seeing bees swarming by our door (well only two but still freaky!) I can't help but think of a bad horror flick. The buzzing in the fire place was so creepy I thought at any instant 2 million bees would infest our house and ruin quiet time! Needless to say pest control will be here in an hour and I will have three heroes in one day. Am I a lucky girl or what?

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