Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When the cat's away...

Well he actually hates cats, but are kids have a few things in common with mice, like there are a lot of them, they like cheese and love to play! I am not an accountant widow, just a wife of a husband who spends more time than most at home. He is on a rare business trip and gone for 5 days. The house is not the same with out him and neither am I. I am trying to keep busy and so far it is working. It is a tough balance to keep moving but stay rested so the baby stays put until he gets back.

Last night was one interesting night. Miranda woke me up speaking a clear sentence at about midnight, which alerted my bladder for the first stop of the night. Logan woke up at 4:00am and climbed into bed with me. He laid down for a minute and then he was up and ready to talk, asking when Daddy was coming home what day is it today, tomorrow, the day after that...? The crazy child was ready for the day. Between me trying to get comfortable and him laying diagonal, that's right diagonal, it was hard to sleep. I had little knees (at least I think?!) poking me in the ribs, and bigger knees poking me in the back. Then my mind starts going about silly things so I couldn't fall back asleep. Then my bladder pleaded for attention, AGAIN! At around 5:00am I hear Hannah...or Haylie say "Momma, faffle (waffle)!" I thought to myself, you have got to be kidding me, my kids are all messed up with daddy gone. Luckily the "twin" must have been hungry and sleep talking. So finally I fell back into good sleep at around 5:30am, to wake up at 7:00 to be the only responsible adult to get the kids ready.

I whine because Jeremy is not here and I actually have to wake up to an alarm clock instead of him kissing me good-bye. Truth is he is probably loving it since he not only gets up via alarm every morning he gets up an hour earlier than he has to in order to study. All the while I seem t be peacefully sleeping in. I am sure when he walks out the door every morning he wonders "Is this the day Miranda will be late because April fell back asleep?" Side Note: Miranda has never been late for school yet! Pat on the back for me, I am late for everything else, even my due date.

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