Sunday, April 22, 2007

Funny and not so funny...

I have to share a few moments from my life, I hope they are appreciated.

On Friday, the kids and I were sitting in our car and Miranda says "Mom, if you put a clip on your finger will it incinerate the blood?" I was shocked that she would use such a big word. I asked her to repeat herself and sure enough she said incinerate. I asked where she heard it, if you have a girl your daughter has probably heard it too. Thank you Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia for the addition to my daughter's vocabulary.

Later that night I was at a Membership Festival for my husbands work. They had this great bounce house to entertain the kids while the parents went around the booths. As we were getting the kids ready to get dinner Logan sat down right behind me. I, of course being naturally clumsy and large with child tripped over him. It was the longest fall of my life. I kept falling and almost catching myself and then fell some more. This happened all across the bottom of the bounce house slide where it would have been a soft landing. Well I soon ran out of soft slide to fall on and fell to the ground. My sweet husband felt as I did that I caught myself and then I would fall some more, so he wasn't able to catch me in time. Needless to say I am OK, I was extra sore that night but baby stayed put and will hopefully continue to stay there for the next week.

All this happened on the day of the bees, what a crazy day!

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