Thursday, April 12, 2007

That's what friends are for...

Well amongst my close friends there has been a theme...I have the greatest friends around! Being this is my 5th yes count it one, two, three, four, five...child, we, well Jeremy, insisted that I not be thrown a shower and anyone who did would be thoroughly maimed. So my friends decided to have a "No-Shower Baby Shower" as I believe it was called. We all went out for dinner tonight and had a great time. Well they are stubborn as all women are entitled, and got me the two things (of course besides a healthy baby) I wanted most for this child. They got me a Sit-N-Stand Stroller and a gift certificate for a Pack & Play. I have to say I am truly the most spoiled girl out there...and so are my babies.

In my close group there are (were) 5 pregnant people at once. My friend Brittany was blessed with her first baby girl on March 12th, My friend Tammy was blessed with her first child, also a girl, today. Hayley, who we are starting a trend to share all pregnancies together, will be expecting her baby boy on Wednesday, April 18th (or so help the hospital that tells her not today), then there will be me sometime in May. We will take a short break until September when Tara will have her first baby. You know that song it's raining men, we should write one that says it's raining babies.

As always, life is so good. There are times when it would feel so good to just run away for a time. Those times are always followed by a time where you can't even imagine leaving any of it behind.

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Brittany Doll said...

April - Sorry I couldn't make it to your "non" shower, but I was thinking of you that night and hoping you were excited for your surprises! I lov ya!!


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