Sunday, November 08, 2009

Gratitude 4

Today at church it started out with a shock. A young husband and father passed away the night before. It is a heartbreaking situation. It tore at my heart. I wish there was a way to ease the pain and grief that fills their home right now. I am grateful for being married in the temple. It has been almost 10 years since my best friend and I were sealed together in the Oakland temple. When we were sealed, I made a promise to Jeremy and my Heavenly Father, He in turn made a promise that we would be together forever, even after we left this earth. With that promise came the continuation of our family. Our children will get to be there with us. There is so much comfort in knowing that forever families are a possibility. I love this family that Jeremy and I have created, the children that Heavenly Father has entrusted us with, to raise and teach them His principles so that we can all return to Him as his children. So my gratitude for today is the temple and the blessings and peace it can bring to our lives.

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