Monday, November 09, 2009

Gratitude 5

Today we had Family Home Evening, we traveled out to Jeremy's sister's house, where we got to chat, laugh, eat, learn and more importantly enjoy the family relationships that we have. It is so much fun to watch the kids interact and see the fun new things that the kids do. I enjoy having a day set aside each week where we can have relaxing family time, not of the world. There are no pressures to be some where and full fill more responsibilities. Yes we do a small lesson and we travel a little bit, but it is a time dedicated to strengthening these bonds that we have. The cutest thing was watching Hunter not only want to sit with the kids while they ate but him and Lauren sat down and he stayed for a bit. A year ago there was no way he would even be that interested in food, now he couldn't wait to see his cousins and wanted to do everything they were doing. It was fun. My favorite quote was when Hunter was talking about being frustrated, kind of mimicking Grandma, then he finally said "I not frustrated, I happy" This conversation later turned into talking about his big picture day at school tomorrow and he will have to give a big smile. Now that was a face I hope gets on film, for Tamra's sake I hope not on picture day, but if it does it will be pretty dang cute! I am grateful for Family Home Evening and being able to get together with extended family and creating fabulous memories together.

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