Saturday, October 31, 2009

What a sweet day!

We started the day off in a typical lazy Saturday fashion. Jeremy, along with many others, went to help a lady in our ward (church family) first thing this morning. He brought Logan along, it was the first time that Logan was able to go and be able to be helpful more than a challenge. Both had a good time.

By the after noon we were ready to start earning our Halloween goodies. We headed off to the pumpkin patch to take those oh so loved pumpkin pictures. Our first destination was to see how the kids measure up this year.

We roamed around the pumpkin patch taking pictures in all the wood cut outs. Then we took a few pictures with my pumpkins surrounded by real pumpkins.

Our next stop was to Papa Murphy's were we got Jack O'Lantern Pizzas and the kids got free cookie dough because they were in costume. Our last stop was at Toys R Us where the kids got a small goody bag for showing up in costume. We finally headed home where Aunt Tamra, Uncle James and Hunter, as well as Grandma Bev and Uncle Chris, were meeting us for dinner and trick-or-treating later that night. Hunter looked adorable in his cute Luigi outfit.
Then we hit the pavement with our buckets in hand. Lauren enjoyed leading the pack. She quickly caught on that this night was about her favorite food CANDY! She was such a trooper and walked almost the whole way carrying her bucket. Towards the end she allowed us to carry it. When she reached complete exhaustion she would no longer listen to reason. She wouldn't let us carry her bucket anymore. I think she feared she would not longer see it again if she fell asleep without holding on to her bucket.

After the kids got home, we let them pick out 5 favorite candies that were especially theirs then the rest went into the community pot. This is what was left. Not to mention the four huge bags of candy we didn't hand out. We only had a hand full of trick or treaters once we got home, each got a huge handful of candy, but it wasn't enough to put a dent in what I purchased.
We finished the night by watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. It was a great day and I was exhausted. Of course not too exhausted to collect my candy tax! YUMM!

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Crystal said...

You have the most beautiful children. Simply gorgeous little creatures. How lucky are they to have such parents as you and Jeremy? Very lucky indeed!

I love that you keep us all up to date and share your pictures. Your postings always make me smile.

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