Saturday, August 29, 2009

What a bunch of Characatures!

Miranda Age:8
Entering third grade. She loves to sing, dance, talk and read. She is a great big sister and loves to help me cook. She also is testing the waters of teenage hood. She loves the Jonas Brothers although I am not entirely sure it doesn't have something to do with "everyone else doing it" type of thing. I keep handing her a towel to dry off her feet and stay a little girl for a little while longer. At least she is still proud to hold my hand in public, well most of the time.
Logan: age 6
He is entering 1st grade. He loves his baby brother and can be found sneaking in and carting Jackson back to his room to play. He and Haylie can often be found playing together. He loves to ride the scooter and climb trees like a spider monkey. He is starting to read very well. He likes to taste test what ever I make.
Haylie: Age 4
Haylie is the older of "the twins" by five minutes. She tends to be a tad more confident, but is a follower. You rarely find her playing alone. She loves to color and is getting to be quite a regular at She was able to get a library card this summer since she can write her name. She can also spell most of our family members first names.
Hannah: Age 4
Hannah likes to be near me, my little shadow. She is more independant, but is more like the bossy mother hen. She tries to help me out by keeping all else in line! She is easier to understand when she talks, and she does like to talk. Both Haylie and Hannah enjoy helping me in the kitchen by dumping ingredients into the mixer...but only to be rewarded by yummy treats later.
Lauren: Age 2
Lauren is the prime example of terrible twos. She doesn't seem to mind them but they are killing me. She is all spunk, spice, and everything nice. She loves to be outside and her favorite word is NO repeated at least a thousand and a half times per day. She can usually be found sipping her milk and huggin her blanket and Minnie Mouse, a stuffed animal we bought and it actually gets used! Jackson: Age 6 months
When they are this young thisngs change so fast. When this was done, he was barely eating solid foods, not sleeping through the night...again. He was however doing push ups on his toes, he did have great form. Now less tha six weeks later I can tell you he loves cereal but is not a fan of green beans, peas and prunes. As of today he is crawling. He even babbles "mamammmm" and "da da da"
And this last picture is what our little family caboose looks like!
All characatures are done by Zach Trenholm.


The State of Our Family said...

The one of Logan makes him look very he? I like that he was able to make the twins look like twins, yet still have their own look to them.

American Diva in England said...

i really like your blog! it's so funny!!!!

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