Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blog Stalking

I should do this for a living I am so good at it. I recently got a new sewing machine so I have been more interested in crafts lately. I came across a few that I really want to remember like this pillow case for a bridal shower...of a good friend...

Sihlouette Pillocase Wouldn't that be cute with a temple on it, or even a brach or something?
While this necklace would be harder to make I love the idea. I have a feeling mine would need two rings! I am also not sure this is a DIY project, but if you want to buy it check out this Etsy shop.

These word blocks would pretty cool using modge podge for the letters instead of the vinyl. You can find them here. They make 16 words using only 7 blocks. Pretty cool huh? Off to search some more!

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Taylors said...

I'm confused, what is a brach? You have opened a whole new world with your sewing machine! And the list of crafts to do is seriously never ending.

btw, I love blog stalking. I think almost everyone who has a blog is a closet-blog-stalker

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