Sunday, September 13, 2009

Conference Activities

It is getting close to that time when I am looking for activities for my kids to do during General Conference. Every 6 months (the first week of April and October) the leaders of our church, called General Authorities (click on Additional Information, it explains what that means), give guidance and counsel. It is filmed in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City then broadcasted live through radio, cable, satellite and internet all over the world. This is for people in all stages of life. It is a way to receive guidance from our Heavenly Father through prophets and apostles addressed to His children as a whole. I find it truly amazing the messages that are prepared for all can specifically apply to me and what I need to hear at the moment, whether it is comfort, encouragement or a gentle nudge to serve more. It is a time when I am reminded how much my Heavenly Father loves me and will never leave me in times of trial or times of bliss.

I find if the kids have something to do I am more likely to hear the messages that have been so lovingly and thoughtfully prepared. I came across this activity that is perfect for those who can read. Here is another link for activities to do with your family to make it memorable. Here is a free packet done by Desseret Book. IT contains some cutting and pasting activities as well as coloring. This one may end up in your inbox. It is long but has a variety of activities for various ages, from needing to be able to read/write to simply coloring some pages.

Edited to add one more link. This one is from the Church Curriculum Department. It is a great ne for the older kids. It is basically a small notebook with a section from each of the Presidency and 12 Apostles. So the kids can see who they are and take notes from their talk. I think it is also a great way to show who has soken and who has yet to speak.


The State of Our Family said...

You rock! THANKS!

The State of Our Family said...

It will be weird to watch Conference on Sunday and Monday here instead of Sat and Sun--time zones are freaky! :)

Rebecca & Jeff said...

This is awesome! Thank you so much for doing some research and sharing it with us. You are wonderful!

Emily said...

April! I just don't understand how you do all this!!! You blow me away- you are the most awesomest mom i know- ever!

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