Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sneaky Sneakerson!!!

That is code name for Lauren. We had some left over candy from our trip to Ohio. We thought the counter was out of reach but little Miss Sneakerson was up to the challenge and managed to get her hands on them for breakfast. When ever she gets caught this is the face she gives me (the chocolate is not always present):

I am not sure about this face but it is still cute.

This is then trying to smooth over a tense situation, can you see the glint behind her eyes as she realizes mom grabbed the camera instead of scolding her...

Now she is bored with this, it's kind of an "is she still there? Maybe if I ignore her she will go away so I can return to my sneaky yet rewarding behavior!"

No more paparazzi mama! Go away! ~ Lauren

This girl is such a light in my life, that is why I call her a firecracker. I love her to pieces and know I am not helping the situation by letting her know how adorable she really is. If you met her you would be drawn to her it is just her way.

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Hayley said...

Gotta love the girl! (Side note: as I was reading this post Tyler caught a glimpse of the computer screen and he said...'My Lauren, messy") So I guess he calls dibs on your cutie.

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