Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A's vs. Rangers

We love looking for cheap things that our family can do and we absolutely love dollar nights at the A's games, $2 tickets, $1 hot Dogs and $1 sodas. We ate before we left so we got treats instead. The kids just wanted Cotton Candy so Jeremy sprung for the multi-flavored for the kids. We threw most of it away. As soon as Hannah got her cotton candy she asked when we were going home. I told here we didn't drive all this way just for cotton candy. We sat in front of some very nice people, the gentleman saw us taking pictures and insisted that we all be in a picture so he took a family one of us, too bad Logan is only represented by his yellow hooded jacket...beggars can't be choosers right?!

Lauren just wanted to run around but we were able to keep her contained for the most part and happy.
I think Jackson will want to go on our next A's game adventure. As always he was a dream.

Miranda remembered her foam finger. It is the only one that has survived in our house. They arrive in great condition but for some reason the green part ends up all over the floor, such a mystery!

When we first got the cotton candy she would have nothing to do with it. As soon as we finished wiping all the sticky fingers and packing things up she wanted some, so we gave in, it's a baseball game right?After the fourth inning we packed it up it was a little chilly and we didn't want to keep the kids out too late. We were able to see 3 home runs the fourth happened as we were walking out. I guess it was a bad game to leave early we could have majorly scored with free Pepsi. If the A's won and had at least 7 runs they gave out free Pepsi coupons. Oh well. Turns out it was a good game to go, we ran in to the Curtis family from church who were sitting in the next section over. We happened to miss our other friends who were about 10 sections the other way. They won home run pizzas, lucky dogs! Some other kids tried to start a wave and it was a flop. Our section did great but no one else caught on, sorry kids! It was a fun experience to go with the kiddos. It is one of those things we have put off because we have so many young kids, but now we will be making it an annual event! Who knows maybe we will bring the A's some luck, from the sound of things they NEED it! For memories sake here is a picture of Logan's cute mug, see he really was there!


Mama J said...

So sorry we missed your cute family. I didn't know there were $1 sodas, too! I'll have to rack up on that one next time....call us if you ever come back!

MJ said...

I loved game.I was so fun!

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