Saturday, August 01, 2009

Breaking Dawn...

Well I have a story to tell about my own sweet Eddie as he like to be referred to...

A friend's husband and my Eddie decided that this book was a big deal for us and they wanted to embrace it instead of turn away from it. This is really saying a lot since I have been a complete book worm and have read all four books twice in the last two weeks...yes the kids are alive and healthy!

I had received a couple weird e-mails from the Joker who turns out kidnapped Eddie (Edward the vampire from the Twilight Saga). The first was just a picture and the second was a quick video saying to check my mailbox which contained a picture:

Then this is how Jeremy's Friday went:

5:30 am - write letter to April

12:00 pm - lie to wife to plan for the evening...give up lunch break to get fancy paper and joker figure to hold clue, drop off letter at Barnes and Noble so the girls can get them with their copy of the book at the midnight release!

4:45pm - Lie to April again and say I need to work late, then get busted because my car died at the gas station and I need help jump starting the car.

This gets a little less time specific but I will guess

5:15 go to police station to drop off second clue for brother-in-law to pass along (he's a cop not a criminal FYI!) car won't start have to call April and tell her she may need to help but inform her that I don't want her to, but if her and the kids can pray that the car will start...we all did and the car started.

5:30 - sneak around Jack-in-the-Box and shove clue in a bush without looking like he was dropping a bomb off, meanwhile he left the car running.

Somewhere he confirmed for the 100th time that us girls would definitely get a copy of the book and the letter he wrote would be with it. The managers all new and were very giddy (we are lucky wives!).

6:30pm take out garbage and hide first clue in our van.

9:00pm Jeremy's cell phone starts ringing off the hook!

10:20 my friend picks me up and we head to the book store.

12:05 we purchase our copies of Breaking Dawn

12:30 I talk to Jeremy and he asks if there was something n the book, suspicious I look and there is nothing.

Turns out the timing was off in the beginning so the scavenger hunt didn't happen as planned and the Midnight release was a little chaotic and we didn't get the clue to tell us something should be in our book. So we left. I guess after we left our names were paged, to get our books but my friend got us a very low number so we were in line and out with our books too fast!

It was a little disappointing for Jeremy and the trouble he went through, but I didn't know any different. Jeremy had the letter on the PC so I was still able to read it. He just reminded me how much he loved me and told me why he fell in love with me in the first place. I couldn't help but tear up. I am truly the luckiest girl alive!

The next morning Barnes and Noble called and said they had our letters so Jeremy picked it up so I have the authentic material!

Although it didn't work out (we can't say this very often in our lives we are extremely blessed...not that I am saying we would like to say it more often!!!!), I know how much he loves me. I really have been so focused on these books and I am sure it is irritating, he still puts so much love and effort into this because my happiness means so much to him. Seriously isn't that just like Bella's Edward?!

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