Monday, April 21, 2008

Why..oh why...

...have I not been posting....

Life has been super crazy, but I am beginning to think no matter who you are life and crazy are synonymous! I have a confession to make that proves my slight...uh-um.., irresponsibility. I, as of late, have been obsessed with a little game called Zelda on our N64, yes we have a game system, actually two, we have a PlayStation also and a total of 4 games one for the PlayStation and 3 for the N64. OK so I lost my train of thought for a minute. Back to my obsession. So for those of you who know me when I like something I get a little OK a LOT focused, the world around me no longer exists. This would be fine if I didn't have three ingenious children and a newly mobile yet very inquisitive baby! Since I have started playing I can't tell you how many tissues were wasted, how much food was sneaked (or is it snuck) out of the refrigerator, how much tear-able stuff has been destroyed, how many keyboard setting windows on the Internet have been opened, OK so you get the picture. Well I decided it was the beginning of a month and that I should download all the pictures from my memory stick. I put it in the computer and probably caved into Logan's request that I play Zelda. I forgot! Three days later I went to upload pictures so I could blog about some fum moment we had, low and behold, it was gone, a full 2GB memory card was gone! When we got our new camera Jeremy made me promise that I would take care of it and not leave it within arm's reach, well pretty much out of site from my twin-ados. Our last camera bit the dust when Hayley damaged the lens by what I can only assume to be Lucky Charms and a few nice drops. After a week being camera-less and a Christmas tree purchase in-site we purchased a new camera. We had decided that no more damage could be done to the old camera, so Jeremy dropped it a couple more times, and wouldn't you know it works! So that was an expensive lesson for me. I guess I am still learning or need specific instructions. Lucky for me, he never specifically encouraged the same respect for the memory card. Jeremy went through both garbage cans in the bathrooms (I am married to an amazing man I should have had that gross job), which is where the girls insisted it was. We moved our entertainment center another place they insisted they put it, I cleaned the middle children's room from top to bottom, I have vacuumed everything, and looked in all couch crevasses, luckily I cleaned under the cushions a couple of weeks ago, man was that embarrassing! It is no where to be found. It has been about two weeks since the discovery and we caved and bought a 4GB memory card this past weekend. I am now waiting for the old one to show up.

Just in case you were wondering, Logan thinks I am awesome because I play Zelda. When his little friend Ben comes over he says whose mom is better mine or yours? I tell Logan all boys think that their own mom is the best. Please note Ben ALWAYS pleads the fifth. I sometimes give him good stuff so I am sure he doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds him, ha-ha!

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