Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time is on Speed!

So I have spent the last two days beautifying my blog...not my house, not my children, not my mind and definitely by no means myself. But I think it looks good. So now the thing is to actually update it. I don't have a lot of time seems how I am picking Jer up from the airport to say good bye again tomorrow. So my goal is to write something everyday. If I can remember something that the kids say it will be easy.

Todat Logan cracked me up, hopefully you will find it almost as comical. Logan asked me today:
"Mom, where do legs come from?"
I tried to buy myself some time because my answers are always wordy and not terribly easy to comprehend for most adults let a lone a child whose attentions is shorter than his little legs, so I said:
"Where do you think they come from?"
He responds matter-of-factly:
"from your bottom!"
What do you say to that!


Camelia Bradshaw said...

that is the most logical answer I have ever heard... I should remember that when one of my children ask me that =)

K said...

Awesome. Can't beat that!

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