Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Dearest Summer

I have missed you, I think you were visiting here and there, but I haven't gotten to visit you with much appreciation.  Thankfully we have so many fond memories of those quick visits.  It seemed like just yesterday I was alive with the promise of many relaxing moments surrounded by warmth, laughter and happy, possibly wet, children.  It is now 3 and a half weeks until you disappear from my life for a time and I am worried that I didn't take advantage of the time we had together.  It is coming to a close too fast, for tat reason I am a little sad.

The time has passed too quickly, but I will most definitely begin the countdown until we meet again.  In the meantime I hope to survive the next little while and hopefully get in a day of relaxation!  And just so we are clear, summer, you are my absolute favorite time of the year.  You equate to fun, lemonade, ice cream, pajama days, swimming, ice cream, day trips, park days, late nights, early mornings, ice cream, visits from friends and family and usually some sort of vacation, I can't believe I almost forgot to mention ice cream.

I will never sway in my devotion...until fall hits and the wonderful things that I cherish about Apple Hill, pumpkins, turkeys....I mean summer how I love thee!

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