Sunday, July 04, 2010

I felt it again, finally!

When I was 9 months pregnant with Jackson, Jeremy got called into the Bishopric.  Jackson was born 3 days later, 5 days past his due date.  Life changed dramatically.  Mostly on Sundays.  Jeremy was gone in the morning, away from us at our meetings and would come home as soon as he could.  Some days earlier than others.  I am not complaining, I know the time he was away from us was nothing compared to being the Bishop.  The first few weeks I didn't mind, but it got harder to get all 6 kids dressed and ready for church AND do it ON TIME.  For the next 17 months I would say most Sundays I got home from church frustrated, exhausted and far from spiritually uplifted.  When we changed to 9:00am it got better, I was feeling like I was in a groove and we had a great system.

At the end of May I got released from primary where I had served in various capacities for 4 plus years.  The bigger change was Jeremy getting released from the Bishopric.   It was a little sad, because I knew we were abundantly blessed because of his service.  Since Jeremy has been released we have had conference and Jeremy went to another ward for his new calling.  It is so nice to have him sit next to me and help with our children.  (Don't misunderstand, I did have other help, my mother-in-law and brother-in-law made it so church was never too hard.  I appreciate all the help they give me!  It is just different when both parents are there to help.)  Jackson will be 18 months on Wednesday, so we cheated and sent him to nursery today.  Life again has changed dramatically!

Today was awesome, I got to sit through the entire Sacrament meeting, then Jeremy took Jackson to nursery  while I saved him a seat next to me.  I got to hear the lesson in both Sunday School and Relief Society.  Both lessons were fabulous.  We talked about David and Jonathan's friendship.  When I read the lesson ahead of time I didn't feel passionate about the subject.  It was kind of like, yeah Saul tried to kill David again and again.  David was saved by those who love him, blah, blah, blah.  So when the lesson started out and talked of the qualities of friendship, it put a very relevant meaning to the lesson.   I am so blessed to have great friends, and I feel I may not be as loyal as Jonathan.

The lesson in Relief Society was about acting on spiritual promptings.  The more you act the more you receive.  It was again so relevant to being a mother.  Life is crazy at times, some may call it loud.  Even though we can find excuses to not act, we need to, it is for our safety, spiritually and even physically.

Last month, I prayed a prayer that is only asking for trouble.  I wanted spiritual growth, BIG spiritual growth. It was a prayer that I was scared to pray, but want it so much.  Usually growth is painful, and you learn so much.  Today I knew my prayers were answered during these meetings and especially when I came home and still felt great about the day.  Heavenly Father always surprises us, I guess it helps keep us on our toes.  I am sure the people who taught today don't read my blog, but I am grateful for their knowledge, testimony and love of the gospel.  They are truly an inspiration to me!

and WOOT-WOOT! for nursery, I am grateful for those who serve there.  They are the sisters I loved the most today!

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The State of Our Family said...

YEAH!!!! So exciting! You're growing up! ;)

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