Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hap McGee Ranch

Yesterday we visited a park that was recommended by a friend.  Hap McGee Ranch.  It was right off the freeway and yet still tucked back so it was away from traffic.  It was a fabulous park.  It had all the necessities, like bathrooms that are REAL close.  It had water for the kids to run through with a button was easy enough for the kids to push.  Right next to that is sand for them to get covered in.  There were 2 climbing structures, as well as swings and a real teeter totter, not to mention a merry go round thing.  I had no idea parks still had these.  There was a huge grassy area with a beautiful white gazebo in the middle as well.
I didn't get very good pictures, but you can kind of see one of the structures to the right with a little train as well.
The girls took a break to eat.  I had yet to release Jackson from the stroller.
And just because I like pictures with the twins looking like twins, can you believe these two will be in kindergarten in a month or so?

Overall I would highly recommend this park.  It has something for everyone!

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Rebecca & Jeff said...

Wow! That looks like a great place! You will have to fill me in on all the good places to go when we get back! How fun!

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