Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mountains and Valleys

The last month or so I have been focusing on training for a triathlon sprint.  I have been pretty consistent with morning workouts.  It has been nice to push my body in a way that it never has been pushed before.  It is not a secret I AM clumsy and I am not athletic.  Needless to say I really want to accomplish this goal of being a triathlete, even a mini triathlete is awesome.

So today I went to my friend Lanette's workout.  I came home exhausted.  I was wondering if all this work has even been productive.  I had shin splints, then I babied it for a while.  This week I thought that I would be better, I started doing the jumping again at Lanette's class and I actually ran on Tuesday.  Now my shins are starting to hurt again.  It is so frustrating because I want to do this so bad.

It brought an article from January's Ensign to my mind (probably because I just read it a couple days before.) Making Mountains.  In the article he tells us of his experience as a mountain guide.  He said people would come to him and say I want to go to the highest peek and look at the view.  He would tell them that is really is a great view but to truly appreciate the view they need to see the base of the mountain.  It would be a harder trail but it would be worth it.

He compares that to life.  We would all like to be on top and just appreciate what is around us.  But it is only through trials that we are really grateful for the blessings at the end.  It really is a great article that I probably didn't do justice, but we all have our problems and feel like if we could just get through this, when what we are really doing is building a great foundation for an awesome view.

He says “To appreciate the height, you must experience the bottom,” he says. “You can’t appreciate the end without understanding the process.”

So I know that I am starting to falter in exercise, only in the sense I can feel hopelessness creeping up my sensitive ego.  Then this particular thought came to me and reminded me, that I have to create this great base before I will be the superstar I want to become.  Then the view will be totally worth it all!  Right Jer?

I love when I read an article and it totally applies to my current situation!


Lacy said...

Would you like to try some of my RockTape I have? It cured my shin splints almost completely! Now I only feel it if I overdo it.

Email me and I can drop it by and show you how I taped mine up.

Alice said...

Triathlons are the best. They put you into the best shape and you just feel so great (and really cool) after you've done one. The first one is hard...then they get easier and easier:) Can't wait to see how it goes. I miss all of that while I"m pregnant!

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