Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Conversation piece

I feel I have neglected my blog when it comes to kid-isms.  I find it so much easier to put the little quip on facebook, like on Friday when we were unpacking from our little jaunt to LA, two police officers showed up at our door responding to a 911 hang up, shockingly the culprit was NOT Lauren but Jackson, yes our 18 month old baby.  He dialed about 15 numbers after 911 but it went through none the less.  It kind of freaked out my sister-in-law who was working dispatch.  She called our home and cell phone numbers but it was a blocked number so we didn't answer on any of our phones.  OOPS!  In our defense, Jeremy had just picked up a telemarketer call, his cell was not on him and I was in the car elsewhere so I had no idea.

So this morning I was getting ready and I start listening to Haylie and Hannah's conversation.  It went something pretty close to this:

Haylie "I am taller"
Hannah "Does that mean you have a taller head."
Haylie "I think yes because you have a bigger head"
Hannah "My head is fatter?"
Haylie "Yes, I think so."

We always tell people how Hannah is a little shorter and thinner than Haylie but she Hannah has a rounder, fuller face.  It cracked me up that we must have said it enough for it to be ingrained in their psyche.

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Alice said...

That's hilarious. I'm exciting for when Finn "talks" more...as in real words!

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