Thursday, July 01, 2010

Did anyone see an ECLIPSE?

Last night we had our Twilight Saga Dinner party, then we went to see the movie Eclipse.  I had so much fun and enjoyed hanging out with a group of great girls!
Instead of helping with the food, my friend Teri and I put together these Eclipse Survival Packs.  It was so much fun, and I think all the guests enjoyed it.

My favorite was the bookmark.  I got the idea from here.  She does a great tutorial on how to make them.  It is really easy and a great gift I think!  The cookies were dipped in Chocolate.  To go with the theme these are called Eclipse cookies (that part is not made up).  For the "Solar Eclipse cookie" I used the Wilton Vanilla Sugar Cookie recipe then dipped them in Hershey's Chocolate (with a little shortening to make it smooth).  The chocolate ones were cake mix cookies (I used half the cookie recipe and it was milk chocolate cake, next time I would do the Wilton sugar cookie and add chocolate) dipped in White dipping chocolate.

The table setting was great as well.  Each person got a survival pack and a bottle with labels on them, that read "I'm Thirsty," "Drink Up," "O Negative," "B Positive," and "A Negative".  It is really just a water bottle with Hawaiian Punch Singles in them so they are red.  I got the labels from this link.
 The highlight of the night was waiting to see what my friend Cindy would do for a cake.  I have raved about her before.  I emailed her Monday while she was at work and asked if she would do a cake or cupcakes.  She has a career that is not cake decorating, this is her hobby.  She is so good and just whipped this up.  Her favorite part was the eclipse on the top.  It was awesome because at the start of the movie it looks just like that.
 At one point there were 17 of us girls, there was laughter, fun, great food and lots of anticipation for the movie.  Fourteen of us headed to the theater where we took up a whole row. (One friend brought her adorable baby so she took the only remaining seat with her baby gear).  Thanks ladies for a great night.  I got a few photos but none were too flattering so if you took a good group shot, I would love a copy!

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Anonymous said...

I had such a great time April! You are an event planner extraordinaire- I seriously want to hire you & Cindy for my next party :) Thanks again!!

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