Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm in love...

...with sewing, I am so sorry honey, I can't help it. Since creation in the womb is closed I have to create in other ways and this is so much fun, AND I get to sleep through the night, don't gain abnormal amounts of weight, as well as all the other pleasant things of pregnancy!

So I tried my hand at Re-Purposing. Basically it is taking some thing you don't or won't wear and turning it into something new. Sounds like fun huh? It all started because ALL of the kids have holes in their jeans. So we decided we are going to try patching them, and still making them cute, not ragga-muffin-esque. I came to an awesome-cute pair of jeans but the hole went from seam to seam, I think little twin fingers helped that. No amount of creative patching was going to fix it. In all my un-productive blog surfing I came across this website Make it and Love it. She did this cute jean skirt. So I decided to try it out. Of course when it came down to it I couldn't find that particular post so I winged it!

When each of my kids were born my mom made them all quilts. In the picture below you can barely see Logan's quilt with the satin red binding. I searched for a better picture but couldn't find one, and it is currently being fixed by the artist herself in Ohio. My mom gave me a bunch of the remnants from it and that is what this skirt is made from.
So here is my finished product:
But isn't it much cuter on a sweet little body?
Hannah tried it on first. I love the front. The back needs a little tiny bit of help, but I can't locate the seam ripper at the moment. Besides only I know. The ruffle is a little off where it meets. Now that I point it out you will notice!
Just to be fair Haylie also wanted to try it on. She looks equally cute in it!
I am by no means a talented seamstress but I am having a blast trying new things. Last week I made some baby gifts which I fell in love with and may even make it my staple baby shower gift.
Finally just so she didn't feel left out, here is a random photo of Lauren today. Don't you love the feathered hair. With that and her FREE SPIRIT I think she was supposed to be born in the seventies!


Hillary said...

I have a sewing machine, but can basically only do strait lines. AND the last time I was doing a strait line my thread kept breaking. Frustrating. I wish our ward had a sewing class or something. Anyway, super cute skirt!

Ranel said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Your a pro and didn't even know you had this hidden talent. Marvelous!!

Beautiful models Hannah & Haylie!

Someone's heart is going to break over Lauren, them are some eyes and her smile????? Wow! Not that all your kids arn't beautiful, this is a great picture. Grama Nel

Lacy said...

April, I am impressed! I am thinking of buying a sewing machine and I have never sewn before!! I really want to make a quiet book for my kids, so that is what spurred it.

I would LOVE to see more of your projects. You should start a new sewing blog :) Just kidding, as if you aren't busy enough, but really, I would love to see your projects you finish. Do you have any favorite websites for homemades??

Mama J said...

Look at you go! It's addicting isn't it? Nice do you sew with 6 kids? I'm trying to find time with only two!

The State of Our Family said...

SOOOO cute! And the skirt is great too! ;)

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