Thursday, April 16, 2009


Tonight I went to a Yoga class. I learned a lot about myself. One I am so not flexible. Two a lot of "me" gets in the way of stretching, and three I am not a fan of silence.

This may seem weird since I am surrounded by children and I am telling them to shhhh all day long. When I am in the presence of others I need noise and conversation. Not deep conversation but something to talk about. So I am sure I do a lot of mindless chattering. What I realized is that while in the presence of others silence makes me uncomfortable, when I am alone, like in the car, I don't need the radio on. In act I find myself being content to drive in silence. Is that weird?

I can handle silence while my hubby and I are reading a book or in a theater, but that is normal. As we were laying there on our nice mats breathing, the silence was starting to drive me crazy not chattering away. After we were all done I think I started talking immediately. Then I thought of my dear friend next to me who doesn't mind silent and is typically known for her quietness. I was thinking I am not naturally suited for yoga while my friend on the other hand it is probably the perfect thing for her. Don't get me wrong I am going to work on it and try to stretch my self and get comfortable with silence.

I guess it also means that I am perfectly equipped to be the mom to several never silent children except when sleeping.


Janelle said...

I felt exactly the same way when I went to a Yoga class.

smith scratch said...

How funny! I wish I were there to feel awkward with you. Derek worked tonight, so I was stuck at home, wishing that I could attempt strange poses and laugh at myself.

Hayley said...

I guess the silence does suit me. Since my boys are so noisy all of the time I savor those quiet moments. But please don't let that ever deter you from talking to me. I love our conversations!! (P.S. I also have those snickering thoughts in my head while we do yoga.)

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