Thursday, April 09, 2009

A visit from Grandma Nel

My mom flew out to be a part of Miranda's special weekend. We had lots of fun hanging around the house and simply enjoying each other's company. It was fun having her get to know the kids in a relaxing way. We don't get to see each other often so they get to build their relationship from the short visits they do get. Luckily this summer we get to go out and visit them in Ohio and spend a little bit longer visiting. Watching the kids, especially Logan enjoy the country side is fun.

My mom is known best for her sewing. She has made all the kids a blanket and they are all treasured. Miranda is now almost too big for her blanket so she is moving on to the next step. A Cape. She sewed it while she was here and my little darlings were most interested in helping. They enjoyed the task of pin pulling as necessary.The child was interchangeable but usually some one was looking over her shoulder watching closely. We got to watch movies together. Grandma even played a game or two and read some books. When the kids went to bed we did have some grown up conversations so it wasn't ALL about the kids!

Thanks for coming Grandma Nel, we'll see you in two months. Love you, Mom thanks for coming and being apart of this special time!

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