Friday, April 03, 2009

Remember Valentines Day?

Jeremy and I went out on Friday the 13th for our date night. We've decided going out on the actual date of valentine's is over rated. We met two other couples and went to Buckhorn Grill (most popular for it's tri-tip sandwiches YUMM-O!) then went and saw the movie push...and some where in between had Coldstone Ice cream.

We spent the actual holiday with our kids it was fun. We started out with breakfast. Some call it Toad-in-a-hole, or hot house eggs. Creatively I cut it out in a heart.

We got a surprise package from my mom in Ohio.

It only took a month but we finally had our silly string fight. Pictures with its post to follow!

We then went to a friend's house and had home made pizzas. Followed by Fondue with heart shaped brownies and chocolate chip cookies, as well as the fruity goodness that goes great with chocolate! Just in case you thought that was all we ended the night by playing Wii into the "Wii" ours of the night. It was fun watching Jeremy play rockband and finally attempt Dance Dance Revolution for the first time. I did post a video of him playing for real here. It was a great day and we really enjoyed each other as well as sharing some time with great friends.

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