Friday, April 03, 2009

Lauren, Lauren, Lauren...

Our little girl is so different from the rest of our kiddos. She has so much spunk, energy, personality, ingenuity, she is one of a kind and I sure do love her! It is fun to guess what she will do next. Before I was a parent I used to look down my nose at two year olds who could manage the DVD player by them selves. Seriously who lets their kids do that, it is a sign that your child watches too much t.v.. Now that I am a tried and true parent through and through I say phew, now I can read while they are entertained. While I still try to not allow the kids to do such things all the time, I do rely on the older ones to help out in this situation.

Lauren has surpassed all records. She not only knows how to load and start a DVD, she knows how to put a CD in our 5 disk changer. As well as manage the remote for the aforementioned device. Now she also knows the difference between our Wii games and the DVDs. Yes, she ejects the Wii games. Surprisingly her favorite Wii game is Disney Princess Enchanted Journey.

She is obsessed with DVDs, she loves getting into them and putting them in the players. At first she just wanted to play with them. Now she knows which ones she likes and doesn't like. Barbie and the Diamond Castle is still her favorite. With our other kiddos, we laid a baby gate in front of our DVD book case and it was enough of a deterrent that they quite playing with them after a month or so, not our Lauren. She moves then gate then sits on it to make sure she can comfortably look through our selection. I am just hoping it is not too comfortable behind bars!!! We now have the baby gate rigged between our fire place and the wall, for once I am grateful for the 70's style brick wall in our family room! Needless to say our little rascal is stinkin' adorable and completely precious in our eyes. She keeps us young and on our toes. For that I am absolutely 100% grateful.
Just one more little Lauren antic while I am trying to fill space. She now likes to pull out her pony tails. So if you see me with 6 kids in tow and the youngest little girl has hair that looks like this picture to the left, I do love her and care for her, she is just trying to sabotage my efforts! Her hair is at that weird stage where it is too long to leave down when runny noses are involved, but too short to leave down since the crazy body wave makes it go every which way. The other thing that she loves to do right now is take off her shoes and socks in the car. I have learned that we just leave her shoes in the car so when I get to our destination I put her shoes on when she gets out of the car, then when we get home she has already disrobed her feet, viola, she did my job for me.
Lauren in 25 years when you read this, thanks for everything. You are precious and I love you. Thanks for keeping things interesting and unpredictable.

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Christina said...

Fun to get to know Lauren a bit more. 2 year olds are from another planet, aren't they? She's lucky to have such a loving mom.

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