Thursday, April 16, 2009

Funny stories for the day

I am sure my funny stories are not funny for any one else but for memories sake they are going into the "blogosphere".

As I was getting out of my shower this morning I get bombarded by Haylie and Hannah. FYI when you have 6 young kids there is no such thing as privacy. As I am inside the shower still Haylie comes around the corner crying. Between sobs she says "I was running down the hall and I tripped and hit my head." And from the tone of her voice Hannah probably had her hand on her hip wagging her finger at her beloved mirror image and said firmly with no sympathy "well you know you are not supposed to be running in the house" then with a sweeter know-it-all voice she says "right Mom?" Yes she did actually use "supposed." Hannah is coming into her own and following in Miranda's foot steps as the next little mom.

Later that day...I was holding Jackson after feeding him. He was a happy little camper and then he gassed. From experience he makes his gas heard, but when he creates home made poop it is typically silent and your nose hairs are the first to betray his wicked but necessary deed. Then he ripped another one, this I could feel, but was not too worried. Then came the big one. As I was holding him appreciating the beauty of him pooping, this may sound weird so I interrupt this sentence to explain. My cute nephew has had problems keeping "regular" and poop was typically a painful, once every 10 day, experience. So for some it would be a blessing to have loose regular bowels. Moving on...then there was another noise. Then I think I am so lucky to be a mother I should blog about how grateful I am for poop! (I am not making this up I really thought that!) Then I felt an uncomfortable warmth on my leg. "Weird" I thought, it had only been less than 1 minute since the first "noise." The warmth was too real and too close, so I moved my arm and it was wet so I look down on my cute white linen skirt and there was the markings of motherhood. Jackson's outfit which had been on him for 2.367 seconds before his interruption (that I am making up it was more like 5 minutes) was completely soiled. So let me summarize the story. I am sitting admiring that my son can poop and it quickly turned in to moist poop on my arm and skirt. He is so thoughtful. I am sure he was mentally communicating and thought "Mom if you like it so much I will give you some to hold and some to wear" I am absolutely positively sure that is what he was thinking. Then I cleaned him all up and he giggled at me. Aren't they precious?

While planting flowers, that will probably die in four days time, Miranda was my most avid helper. She was helping me pull weeds and get the bigger rocks out of the dirt. She turns to me and says "this is the worst day ever!" Considering that she had a great time today I asked her to clarify and she said "pulling weeds!" So if this is her worst day ever then I think we are doing something good. Let me remind you she is a SHE which typically equates to dramatic exaggeration!

Just so Logan doesn't feel left out he's his funny story. We have given the kids a time limit for Wii time. They get 15 minutes each. While I try to keep on it, it sometimes slides. So today he went to a friends house and played Wii, and knowing Logan it was for a good share of the time. Later that day he came up to me and asked if he could play Wii, I asked "how long did you play for today?" he said I don't know. So I questioned him further by saying was it a long time or short time. After thinking for one minute with his finger on his chin he said with all seriousness "I played for one minute so I have fourteen minutes left!" Well then I had to call him on lying to me. So he put himself on his bed where I found him 20 minutes later. I told him that I didn't send him there. To which he kindly said "well this is where you tell us to go when you are mad at us."

Lastly, today I had a weird experience. The three girls went to a day camp and Logan went to a buddies house. I had three hours of having Jackson and Lauren alone. She was a completely different kiddo. She was quiet and restful and sweet and cute and lovable and cute. Well she is always cute and mostly sweet I am sure the chocoholic in her helps with that part though. As I was packing the two kids in the car I realized Lauren is really no different from the rest of my kids she is just rambunctious because she has 5 other siblings. She is a little almost two year old trying to keep up with her older siblings. It doesn't convert well! Anyways, I came to a new appreciation of her and who she is. She doesn't want to be lost in the mix, she wants to be known and being...I'm not sure what the correct word(s) is/are: creative, energetic, busy, loud, opinionated, is definitely a way for us to remember her and appreciate all those qualities. Which I do. I love that little girl to pieces. She is, simply put, adorable and the best part is she is MINE!

I have chosen a path that includes these 6 precious kids, all of them bring something to my family and I truly appreciate them all, even if i get mad and send them to their beds sometimes!


smith scratch said...

It sounds fun around your house. : ]

Michelle said...

love it!! I also have 6 children, and my 3 year old is like your 2 year old--trying to keep up with her older siblings--and sometimes that can get loud!

While things can irrate me (and I send them to their beds), I wouldn't change mommy-hood for ANYTHING!!!!!!

Laura said...

April, I think your funny stories are funny. And precious. :)

Christina said...

Very cute stories -- I saw a beautiful white shirt at the store the other day (on SALE) and didn't even bother to try it on; why bother when someone's fingers or leaky diaper will ruin it?

Isn't interesting how there's a different dynamic with fewer kids around?

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