Sunday, August 10, 2008


We took some pictures of the girls and I have uploaded them from the camera. Here are a couple recent pictures of my stellar young ladies!

This one is not too recent but I had to have my little man be represented. Everysunday he would dress in his Sunday clothes, and put on his missionary name badge. Oh, if I could bottle up those feelings just incase he needs reminding later on!

I was going to try and find a good picture of Lauren but then I thought Lauren gets lots of pictures so she can just deal...besides would she even understant the unfair representation anyways?!


Hayley said...

Your girls are so cute. It almost makes me want a girl of my own...almost. :)

Alice said...

You have such a cute family!

Staci said...

These pictures of the kids are so adorable. They're all getting so grown up. It's a good thing you'll be having a new little one soon! I love the one of Logan the missionary. He looks just like his dad when he was a missionary!

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