Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

Logan's first day of school. Logan was very excited to find out he has the same teacher as Miranda had for her first year of school.
Miranda was very excited when she received a call from her second grade teacher last week. Miranda was also excited, her teacher has the best heater and the best air conditioning. She also said "my teacher sounds like she has a lot of fun stuff planned. It is going to be a fun year." I love that she loves school.
It was not as sad to leave Logan at school as I thought it would be. It all happens so fast that I forget to revel in the moment. You could tell he is extremely curious and unsure, but he is very confident and independent. He walked right into his classroom, put his book away and was sitting in his desk ready to learn.
While is wasn't sad to leave him, it is kind of lonely without him. Haylie and Hannah both asked when we get to get Logan. They miss their big brother. I am so proud of both my kids, they are pretty easy going and excited for school, I look forward to another exhausting year of getting to know more students that will surround my kids and help shape them. I have already been asked to be a co-room mom with another mom from Miranda's kindergarten class. So who knows what I will get to do with the kindergarten class. Here's to happy thoughts and lots of fabulous experiences for the oldest kiddos!

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