Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Book Review

Hopefully I will be evasive enough that I won't ruin anything about this book. Yes I am talking Breaking Dawn. Here's my breakdown of the first three:

Twilight...loved it couldn't put it down. Some may say they fell in love too quickly but sometimes it happens that fast. they were made for eachother and I fell for it hook, line and sinker!

New Moon...The meaning of the title was on It made me appreciate the story more. It is my least favorite, the first time was hard to get through but the second and third time it was a lot better and I could understand it better.

Eclipse...again the title is so perfect and it explains it in the book. This was my favorite! I couldn't get enough of Edward and Bella's love story, at the end I couldn't help but want more!

And the grande finalle:
Breaking Dawn...before I read this I knew what I wanted to happen, I just couldn't figure out how it was possible. Stephenie Meyer did everything I wanted and more. She got it all done! As I was reading it I felt disturbed by the plot, it went in such a weird direction. The love was still there but it was miserable! The end ties it up really nice. I am glad I read it a second time though I got to pay better attention to the "banter" between characters. At the end of the story it was finished, as with all good stories you would like to read more and it would be possible. All problems were addressed and solved, more or less. By the end the love and passion was back. Although it isn't my favorite of the series it is still really good.

Things I love:
  • Jacob and Edwards relationship. They crack me up! Pay attention!
  • Hopefully this isn't too much but the book is broken into three parts, the first told by Bella, the Second by Jacob and the third by Bella again, the story is continuous just different point of view. That is just info but if you read the titles to the Jacob chapters they crack me up.
  • I love that I can hear their voices in my head, how they would actually say things to each other
  • The pride Edward has when he looks at Bella, She feels he can see her the way she has seen him all along. Bella finally feels equal or "good enough" for him!
  • The relationships~all of them

What I didn't like:
  • The misery, it does help the story come together but it is still hard when you can't see the happy passion you are used to.

So in a nutshell I did love this book too!

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Janelle said...

Oh April, maybe my break from Vampire love was long enough that I just could not get into the book. I only liked Jacob's point of view. And it really bugged me the thought of all of the YW reading all of those sex parts. I just couldn't get over that... Not meant for beehives, I'll tell you that!

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