Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Health Report

Monday was a little crazy! It was Jeremy's first day back after a great vacation. Lauren and I had doctor appointments about 20 minutes apart in two different locations. Jeremy and I divided and conquered. Since I was the only one who could go to MY appt. I took Logan and Miranda. We got to hear the heartbeat of little Jackson. Miranda helped by holding the controller part and got to push it off and on when the doctor told her to, she loved it. Logan thought it was pretty cool and the heartbeat sounded like "wow, wow, wow..." pretty close, but it is definitely WOW! Everything is going well I am right on track for measurements at a little over 21 weeks. I shared my concern about a large baby and he said we will keep an eye on how the baby is growing starting around 34 weeks and see if we can stir things up if necessary. I was on cloud nine especially after the last doctor appointment.
Then Jeremy took Lauren to her doctor appointment with Haylie and Hannah. Lauren has gained about two pounds in the last 4 weeks, weighing in at 20 lbs! She has moved up from the 3rd percentile to the 11th. She is a little above the 50th percentile in height and 60th for her head size. She is growing well and our doctor was pleased with her growth. She was supposed to get her shots but Jeremy waited for about 15 minutes with others and no one was called in so I get to go back and live the terror. About her walking, Lauren cruises all over the place and is walking with us holding her hands and with her little push toy. The doctor watched her cruise and said her legs are looking strong. So we feel she will be walking in the next month or so. If she is not walking by 18 months we will look into physical therapy. I am not worried though, she is doing well.
I do have to say that with all things you have to find what works best for you. I am so happy with these two doctors. Neither give me more than I need but they hear my concerns and make note. They even give possible future decisions. It was a great medical day in the Jacobs home!

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smith scratch said...

FaNtAsTiC news!
She is such a doll.
I can't believe that you are over halfway there, how fun.

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