Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Klekar

That is right Klekar is my maiden name! pronounced kle (short e) car. My dad married his perfect bride last week. It was a perfect wedding it fit my dad's personality, informal and fun. Of their nine grandkids, 7 were there. My niece was here visiting her dad so I was able to take her to the wedding. The people who don't know me that well thought I had six kids. They were right just one is still in utero. I put together a little clip of photos, their vows and lots of dancing. Logan was a dancing fool and boy does he have moves! I couldn't remember the song that they danced to so it is a silent video montage except for the background music of the kids dancing. To Dad and Janet Congratulations!

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Ranel said...

That was awsome! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations Mike and Janet!!!


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