Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Education Week

In Jeremy's family Education Week is a tradition. It is a 4-5 day spiritually uplifting experience. There are 55 minute classes all day long on various topics ranging from habits to history to encouragement, cooking, music...there are over 1,000 classes offered. Every year Jeremy and I trade off one stays home with the kids (only 14 and older can attend) and the other gets to go. This year was my turn. I was introduced to some new yet fabulous speakers. People, their testimonies, knowledge and experience amaze me. I know I am not to compare since I have my own gifts and strengths but how they inspire me to want to do better!

We drive up on Saturday before it begins. It is a long drive but the company makes a difference. And I can honestly say Nevada is not that bad. Sunday we visit Jeremy's Grandma Jacobs. She is an amazing example of living life to the fullest. It was an enjoyable visit. We were also surprised when LuJean came in, she lives in Idaho and sometimes we get lucky enough to get a time when both trips align.

A funny experience that day...we went and attended a random ward, they are everywhere in Utah so it is not hard to find the best time and location. For part of the Sacrament program a group of 4 boys sang a beautiful song. Their voices where fabulous, I could have listened to them all day. I was so impressed that these young boys sounded like men when they sang. As they were done I watched them sit down...NEXT TO THEIR WIVES! I realized how old I am getting.

On Monday we go to Salt Lake City and visit Temple Square. We got to see the movie Joseph Smith: the Prophet of the Restoration. It is such a fabulous movie that will make you cry. One thing that stuck out to me is an often repeated phrase. "Whom the Lord calls, he qualifies." I have heard it a lot but at times, which is natural, it is easy to think I am not good enough at this, for this, etc. In this film the quote was a little more specific "The Lord calls us in our weakness THEN qualifies us." Oh how much better it is to think of it that way. We are most teachable when we are humble! We can serve him better when we turn to Him for strength, encouragement and guidance.

We always get to play a couple games of May I? (although our rules are a little different)
Although you can hold two more cards Mom J. has a LOT of cards in her hand! Then starting on Tuesday we get to attend classes. I love every morning walking to my first class and seeing this:

I am sure it has a name but it is a little canyon in the Wasatch mountains that are pretty much the eastern Border of BYU campus. The sun peaks through and you can see the rays starting to shine through the mountains.

Tuesday I got to see Pride and Prejudice the Musical. I have been spoiled in the past to see a few Broadway quality plays. This was more community theater but it was still very neat. I enjoyed the voices of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley.

I learned so much this week and was so lucky to get to go. Jeremy stayed home with the kids. He had a blast and got lots accomplished. When I came home there was a cake on the table with flowers and a card, along with pictures that the 4 oldest had drawn along with what they like best to do with me. Much to my surprise, Jeremy took the kids to get pictures taken. They turned out so adorable. We should have them up on the Internet soon. I also got a coupon book from Jeremy with various dates and more girl time. I am truly lucky and spoiled.

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