Monday, April 26, 2010

A surprise from Kabul Afghanistan

My step dad, whom we lovingly refer to as Papa, is working as a civilian electrician for the military.  He gets to go around and do inspection and make sure all is well.  This year Logan's class read Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown.  As part of his school project he gets to send flat Logan to someone he knows and that some one gets to take him on an adventure.  So here is Flat Logan all dressed up in his Camo gear.  Logan chose to send his flat counterpart to his Papa in Kabul, Afghanistan that is 11916 kilometers or 7405 miles or 6434 nautical miles.  Kabul is 12 hours ahead of us.  So right now it is really early tomorrow morning...kind of weird to think about it.  We sent flat Logan to school and then he was mailed off.  The project was supposed to be done in three weeks, but it took this guy 3 weeks to get to Papa.
It would be awesome if it was the real thing but Papa was excited to have a visitor from back home in the states.  He took Flat Logan to work, to meet heroes, of course a little shopping and site seeing and we can't forget the mess hall.
They got to work right away inspecting electrical panels and that kind of fun stuff.

Flat Logan got to sit in on a briefing with 3 Star Admiral Harward and General Martins.  I tried to look at what exactly that means, and all I can come up with is that these guys are pretty important and have given many years of service to our country.  To top it all off they took the time to take a picture for my boy's school project.  These men are missing their families back home and the things their children are doing.  These are the type of heroes I want my boy to look up to!  (His Papa is one of them.  He served in the Navy for four years, correct me if I am wrong about the length).

Then Papa took him on a special assignment where he got to learn about some of the vehicles.  Flat Logan was really impressed with the weapons they get to use, they are big and powerful.  In this picture he is holding a grenade launcher.  I know these men and women hope they don't have to use them but do so in defense of our freedom and safety.

After all the touring and hard work they finally sit down for dinner.  Steak and Lobster.  It must have been a special night since Flat Logan was in town, ha-ha!  Flat Logan enjoyed his trip.  Papa sent him back carrying gifts from Afghanistan.  There is a picture in the slideshow that is of Papa and Flat Logan picking ut 3-D Logan's Scarf!

Papa put together a PowerPoint presentation for Logan's Classroom.  It has lots of pictures of Flat Logan's adventure.  He can't wait to show his friends that his Papa is super cool!
Here is the PowerPoint presentation if you are interested:

Flat Logan’s Great Adventure
NOTE: If you click on View Full screen then arrow through the slides.  It worked that way for me! I hope you enjoy!


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Corrie said...

All I can say is what an awesome project that they both will remember for a very long time!

Corrie said...

WOW! This is something they both will remember! I love that he made a power point for Logan! So cool!

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