Monday, April 19, 2010

The final cut

The girls started something, which I tried to finish, and a friend had to really finish.  That's right the end of the latest hair vs. scissors!  My friend Jana is a great stylist, hair cutter person.  She is my go to girl.  She is also expecting a baby and needs to stay off her feet.  Being the kind person I am, I call her and ask her to fix the girls' hair.  Not to mention this is pretty much the day after returning from a vacation!

She was a trooper and here are some pictures.  I finally bought a can of hairspray after about 6 years, just so I could really do up their hair and take some pictures.

Before (this picture was taken in February 2010 you can kind of see how long their golden lacks are)
I am not sure you can really see how bad the damage was, kind of like a mullet on one side.
The front, aren't they so beautifu1?!
And the back, which is my favorite part because it gives me hope that they will have ringlets again soon!
It seems like yesterday they were getting into my makeup and having Logan cut their hair.  Now they are doing it all by themsleves.  Oh how time flies!


Gie Bergmill said...

They look gorgeous!!!!

Handsfullmom said...

They look adorable!

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