Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One of THOSE days!

Wednesday was one of those days that I had a few things going on and I was getting it all done!  Amazing.  It is a rare occasion when I am actually running on time.  I got home from working in the classroom (I was late) well not exactly working, I got to scoop ice cream for Miranda's class' "Bana-plication- Party" since they all mastered their multiplication facts, WAY TO GO!

I needed to call Miranda's Orthodontist because I FORGOT about her appointment yesterday.  So I called to schedule and she said can you come down now?  Of course I messed up so I said I will take whatever you offer.  I woke Jackson up from his nap (it had been about 20 minutes boo-hoo!) put him in the car and headed out.  We got Miranda's retainer in and it fit pretty well though it sounded like she had a mouth full of cotton at first.  Then back home.  Thirty minutes later we headed out for Miranda's Achievement Days (A church activity that is twice a month for girls 8-11 ).  I dropped her off ON TIME, then headed back home.  I knew dinner needed to be in the oven before I left so I quickly put that together, got a poopy diaper changed and rushed the kids back into the car 35 minutes later to get Miranda ON TIME.  Logan was being a little slow and I was being a lot little impatient.  I opened the garage door, started the car and backed out, trying to emphasize the point that I was in a hurry.  That is when my perfect day crashed and burned, well just the car actually.
Yes, this is what happens when you try to back out of the garage without allowing the garage door to open all the way!

So back in the house shaking an crying.  I went to call Jeremy who is VERY BUSY at work.  I couldn't get him on the phone so I tried the next best thing instant messaging.  This is how the message went.

April: I need you to go pick up Miranda now.
April: I broke the back window of the car and bent the garage door.

Jeremy: Nothing
one second later:
Phone: Ring!

Yes he called right away as he left a line of waiting employees outside his office door and quickly got Miranda.  Luckily, Miranda was in good company and they enjoyed having her stay for the extra time.  (Thanks again for that!)

Now our car is fine, the garage door is a little bit bent, but we were able to lengthen one of the rollers and get it back in the track and it works perfect, and lastly our bank account has a bandaid. 

The new glass is the only clean thing on our car.  The kids are worried that we won't know which car is ours since it no longer has our stick figure family on the back.  We hope to remedy that soon...maybe for Mother's Day or something? ; o

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