Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Miranda came home from school and was dutifully sharpening her pencil over the garbage can when she yelled some one had cut their hair.

Look at those beautiful golden ringlets.  It is so sad, almost tear worthy.  I know the beauty of childhood hair doesn't always stay around very long.  Pretty soon it will probably be a head full of awkward, straggly, not sure if it's curly or straight, hair.  Now I get to try and figure out what to do with what is left on her head.  We won't have to shave her head and start over but it will probably need to be cut to her shoulder and it will break my heart as those golden locks fall to the ground.  I know it is quite silly to get emotional about hair, but it is almost like saying good bye to her years as a toddler.

And because story telling is probably the best part of reading this here blog I will tell you a little bit.  The twins have such a fascinating way of handling each other.  They play well together, they fight well together, and from the time of infancy if you tickled one both would laugh.  They truely find joy in knowing the other is happy.  On the same note they are pretty funny when one is in trouble.

So we have the obvious evidence that hair was cut.  As they are the only two with those golden delicious curls they couldn't deny that part.  I asked whose hair it was.  Upon intital inspection you can't see it because we are still growing out their hair from when Logan cut Hayley some new bangs.  Then Hannah showed me where her hair had been cut on one side. (Coronary, heart palpitations and that rock welling up in my throat!)  Who cut your hair!  Haylie and Hannah both look at each other.  Haylie looks with pleading eyes at Hannah, Hannah then turns to me and quickly rats out her sister.  Haylie denies it, then I start laughing.  I ruined the learning moment and I am grateful for the laughter.  Watching them communicate silently is comical.  Haylie continued to deny it until Hannah gave more details.  Haylie didn't intend on admit it but she corrected Hannah's story which said she was the one to hold the scissors so I called her on it and she realized she had tattled on herself.

So both are in bed, Haylie for cutting Hannah's hair and lying and Hannah for letting her.  With a tear in my eye I gatherd the ringlets from the garbage can and place them in a bag where they were quickly smooshed and looked like a rats nest.  Realizing it won't be beautiful I pulled out the ringlets that weren't tangled and took a picture.  After all pictures speak a thousand words, and now this memory is forever with me!


Handsfullmom said...

Oh no! I think it's a twin thing because Sarah & Allison were always at their hair last year. On the bright side (is there one?), you could use this as an opportunity to let everyone else tell them apart easier. Before Kindergarten, we grew out Allison's hair and cut Sarah's short so they wouldn't have to constantly hear, "Which one are you?" They both look adorable.

Alice said...

Classic. That is SO FUNNY!

Hayley said...

Oh man. Thier hair was very cute. It was bound to happen eventually. Thankfully it is now and not in high school. Sorry about that.(I love the idea of how to tell them apart though) I always have to ask them and then Hailey gives me that look like I am stupid. So funny.

Danielle said...

When I was three, I cut my waist length golden brown curly locks off and I still remember seeing my mom sobbing at the foot of the bed! She said after that my curls left for good. Seeing her sad was punishment enough for me! Poor mom!

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