Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Garlic = stinky feet!

Tonight as I was cooking, I tried to sprinkle garlic salt on the boiling chicken.  For some reason the shaker part won't stay on so I dumped it instead, then tried to scoop out as much as possible.  After it had been cooking a while Logan came to the sink and said "what's that smell" so I reminded him of the garlic spill.  He then said "Wow, Daddy's feet are really going to stink!" At first I didn't get it until I replayed it in my mind.  Jeremy often says "Garlic makes my feet stink"  I think it is from a movie or SNL but needless to say when I called him at work so he could enjoy a laugh, he chuckled and the said "How could he remember that, I don't say it that much!"  Appearantly he says it often enough for it to be memorable.  It does make me wonder how many things that I have said "not that often" that my kiddos can quote?


Crystal said...

That is just too funny! You have the cutest children that nake for the most adorable blogs ever. What a fantastic life you have!!

Carl said...

I think that's from "In Living Color" from the early 90s. Great show.

April J. said...

Carl ~ I did ask Jeremy later and he did say that it was In Living Color. My guess is you watched it together or at the minimum both quoted that often!

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